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We focus to resolve the collaboration problem by providing several utilities like Whiteboard, Code Editor, Chats, AV Calls. Invite your team & collaborate with team/peers at a one-stop place


Visualize thoughts, concepts, write down ideas, explain or teach. Plan and create in a group and many other things. Use our whiteboard to expand your creativity and share/collaborate with multiple peers


Collaborate with other

Changes in the board are synced in real-time. Board links can be shared with others and are also embeddable in an iframe. Lifetime of a free board is 24 Hrs

Upload Images

Up to 2 MB size of images can be uploaded in free board. Signed in user don't have this limit. All the images formats are accepted

Real time cursor sync

Track the cursor movements of peers in real-time. Know which part of the board your peers are in while collaborating. We also show name besides the mouse cursor

Code Editor

Standalone text editor that is designed specifically to help multiple developers in coding. Integrated with additional functionalities to sync, manage and edit code in groups. Track real time which part of the code your peers are editing

Code Editor

Chats [WIP]

Provides an upgraded, rich messaging experience. Message anyone you have invited to collaborate

AV Calls [WIP]

This is where two or more people in different locations use technology like a conference bridge to hold an audio video call.

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